These 5 Companies Prove That ANY Woman Can Be a Perfect Lingerie Model


Beauty standarts are changing and the world is becoming a more accepting place, but it’s all happening way too slowly. Yes, there’s such a thing as body positivity, but it mostly exists in online communities, on certain blogs, instagram accounts. There isn’t nearly enough of it in mass media. It’s still a big deal when a popular magazine features someone who isn’t a thin, white person. It’s still news when a person of color or a woman who isn’t a size 2 becomes a successful model or actress. But it’s very nice to see companies take steps in the right direction, so let’s take a look at 5 companies that prove any woman can be a perfect lingerie model. More companies should follow their example and take into consideration women of all shapes, sizes and colors.

1. Aerie
Aerie is an american lingerie company that was the first to say no to retouched photos. They are against photoshopping pictures of their models. They see no point in it. Aerie is all about natural beauty, and this thing alone is making them so popular they might actually rival such famous lingerie giants like Victoria’s Secret. Aerie’s CEO, Jennifer Foyle, firmly believes there’s no need to photoshop what’s already beautiful. “”Let women of different shapes decide what’s good for them and them alone!” says Jennifer.


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