10 Trends That Girls Love And Guys Hate


3. Wedge sneakers are comfy and look amazing when paired with shorts or ripped jeans. But girl, those look like you stole them from your man. If you are on the market for a good handsome guy to keep you company, you might want to reconsider those bulky sneakers – try some cute flats instead!

4. Bandeau bikinis rose to become a fashion staple at some point and girls all over the world can’t get enough. Yes, they do give you freedom of movement and no tan lines (yay!). However, guys can’t stand them! We admit, they make your shoulders look like you are the captain of a men’s swimming team and don’t support our feminine wiles like a bikini top does. This one will be a hard one to give up!

5. Sky-high heels and our addiction to them has been the punchline of so many jokes. Yes, ladies, guys want you to be comfortable! When you wobble in on your first date wearing super high (but so kickass) shoes – it sends a negative signal. Let us take it down a notch in 2017.

6. Drop-crotch pants give ladies room to move around and pretty much be invincible but are a big turn off for the guys. They are just way too baggy, ladies! The balloon-shaped figure that these pants give women is not considered sexy in the slightest.






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