10 Trends That Girls Love And Guys Hate


7. Uggs are vital when it gets cold and all you want to do is warm up those feet in some toasty boots. Hate to break it to you, but guys hate these as well. Yes, yes – comfort is important, but throw away your Uggs and your man will be much happier!

8. High-waisted shorts is the next thing on our list. Seriously ladies, guys hate those so damn much – it is surprising how they don’t just hide all your high-waisted shorts and then donate them to charity. Interestingly enough, men are totally ok with your love handles, but not the shorts! Crazy, right?

9. Rompers look so cute in the spring, but it is time to part ways with this beloved article of clothing. A lot of men believe that rompers make ladies look like babies. We know that in reality they just don’t know how good a romper feels!

10. Ruffles are a culprit on many of our clothing articles – Yes, your man most likely hates it. Ruffles confuse some of them and also make them think we look like kids. If they only knew how much those ruffles helped shape our body! Maybe next year?




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