10 Trends That Girls Love And Guys Hate


Since the beginning of time, girls and fashion went hand in hand. Girls love dressing up and trying new styles, and why not? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Spending our last money on a new pair of shoes is a necessity, thank you very much. Some styles that ladies experiment with end up working – but some don’t, we’ll admit it. But hey, at least there’s effort involved! In the past few years, there seemed to be a lot of styles that didn’t work for all the ladies, and guys noticed. So, here are a few styles your man probably hates.

1. Oversized sweaters are a gem! You know it, we know it – everybody knows it! It gives you so much freedom of movement and the coziness that simply can’t be replicated. However, it makes you look 10 sizes bigger than you actually are. Why don’t guys love them? Simple: they can’t see your beautiful body under all of that material! This year, maybe it is time to settle for something more form-fitting.

2. Peplum shirts and dresses drive guys insane (and not in the way you want them to be). It is time to admit it: although peplums are cute and funky, they do make you look like you are hiding a pregnancy belly under those flops. Do you really want your man to think you are hiding a big secret? Settle for a simple well-fitted t-shirt and thank us later.




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