10 Celebrities With Backstories You Won’t Believe


10 Celebrities With Backstories You Won’t Believe


Part of the reason we’re so interested in the life stories of the rich and successful is because we want to know how they got to where they are today. We’re looking for steps that we can follow so that we can reach the dizzying heights our heroes have achieved.

Life, however, doesn’t always follow a clear-cut path. Sometimes, the road to success is completely insane — and it often involves absolutely the last thing you’d expect.


10 Samuel L. Jackson Held Martin Luther King Sr. Hostage

Young Samuel L. Jackson

Photo via Watch The Yard

When the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died, it affected the young Samuel L. Jackson. He had been inspired by the reverend’s words. He wanted to make Dr. King’s dream of a better world a reality. So he did what he thought Martin Luther King would have wanted: He held his father hostage.

At the time, Jackson was a student at Morehouse College, a school that had Martin Luther King Sr. on its board of trustees. Morehouse nearly exclusively enrolled black students, but it was almost entirely run by white people. Jackson thought that needed to change, so he and some friends got some guns and held the college board, including King, hostage until they agreed to hire more black staff. This, oddly enough, was not the first time Jackson had met King’s father. Jackson had served as an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral.

Jackson was expelled and charged with unlawful confinement, but it could have been worse. Afterward, he became a person of interest for the FBI. His mother sent him to Los Angeles, terrified that her son would soon meet his end — and there, Jackson’s acting career began.

The most prolific modern actor alive never would have landed a single role if he hadn’t detained the father of a Civil Rights activist against his will.

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